Dyslexia Screening 
Dyslexia screening can be carried out at Cardiff Met. You may want a screening because teaching staff have identified some issues with your written work, teachers at school or college suggested it previously or you may refer yourself if you have concerns about your work.

Although lots of students are diagnosed when they are at school many also receive diagnoses when at University.This may be particularly true for mature students where school screening was certainly not as robust as it is today.

All screenings and appointments are confidential and we will not inform anyone you have been to see us unless you ask us to.

What is a screening?

A screening will not give you a diagnosis of dyslexia or other specific learning difficulty. It may be able to identify indicators however and give you an idea of whether you should pursue a full diagnostic asscessment.

The Dyslexia Advisor will talk with you about various aspects of your studies and any areas where you are struggling as well as any relevant medical and educational history.

If there are indicators of dyslexia or specific learning difficulty the Dyslexia Advisor will advise you of this and refer you for a full diagnostic assessment with a Chartered Psychologist.

Do I have to pay for a Diagnostic Assessment?

Although screenings are free the Psychologists who conduct assessments for us do charge for this. The current fee is £240.

Many students can apply for a contribution towards  the cost from the Financial Contingency Fund. This is mean tested and if appropriate the Dyslexia Advisor will give you the application form and explain how to apply.

How to arrange a Diagnostic Assessment

Once we have confirmed how you will pay for your Diagnostic Assessment we will contact you to arrange a date for this. Please be aware that at certain times of the year we are very busy so there may be a waiting list for this service. If you are concerned that you have not heard from us please
contact us.

What happens after a Diagnostic Assessment?

Once you have had your assessment the Psychologist will write a report detailing the results. You will be contacted when this is ready and asked to arrange an appointment with a Disability Advisor to discuss it.

The Advisor will explain the results to you and their implications. If you have received a diagnosis of dyslexia or Specific Learning Difficulty they will talk to you about your support options and how to apply for a Disabled Students' Allowance.

If you have not received a diagnosis of dyslexia or Specific Learning Difficulty the Advisor will discuss general study skills support available to all students.